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Sunday Badminton with Newly Strung Racket

Today JP and I went to play badminton with some of JP’s friends like usual. There were only seven of us today, which meant that each player would get plenty of court time. Two weeks ago I broke the string on my favorite racket, an old Techno Pro 660 that I’ve used forever. Last week I played with another racket, but this week JP had gotten around to restringing my racket so I got my old favorite back again, but this time with some nice red strings. Like any newly strung racket, my racket felt different when I first handled it today. The hitting surface felt hard and devoid of bounciness, and I couldn’t get good control on the ball. This was probably the reason I lost my first two games of the days, because I wasn’t used to my newly strung racket.

After the first two games though I’ve adjusted to the racket and managed to win my next two games, once paired up with JP and once with another old-time player who I’ll refer to as Cee from now on.  I lost my next contest though because my partner,who was the guy who organizes these sessions, hurt his back while playing his first game today.With the injury, my partner Eee (his name from now on) couldn’t run or hit too hard, and I wasn’t fast enough to cover all of the openings.

Six games in now, I was paired with a guy named Kay (who is also one of JP’s many badminton friends) against Cee and a young lefty who I’ll call R. It was a very close game. Our side had the power advantage because of my smashes, but our opponents were experienced and had good defence. The game went over the 21 point mark as a tie and finally Kay and I won the game 25-23.

I was pretty tired after the marathon of the sixth game, and promptly lost my seventh game in which I was paired with R against JP and Kay. For my final and eigth game, I was still paired with R while our opponents were Kay and Cee. R and I put up a stinker last game, but some reason we were playing much better this time and held a slim lead over our more-experienced opponents. I guess our opponents were tired like we were and didn’t attack too much, and my smashes were able to get through their defenses. The game ended up being a close contest, but R and I managed to edge it out 21-18.

So in total I played eight games for the day, which is about three to four games more than I usual want to play. Needless to say, I’m tired and sore all over, but I’m glad that we had some fun and I got my daily exercise. My record for the day was 50-50 again with four wins and four losses, but I’m more satisfied today than last Sunday since I played some pretty good games today.

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