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JP 是这个网站的主要作者。 JP 拥有 Coaches Association of British Columbia 的羽毛球教练牌。JP 第一次打羽毛球是在中学的时候。JP 本来是 打单打的,不过因为他那时比较矮小,而又有另外的运动才能,所以过了一段时间之后 JP 就没打羽毛球了。JP 到中年的时候才真正开始爱好羽毛球。他认识了一位喜欢打羽毛球的 朋友。这位朋友有一次带着JP 去打球。从那次开始 JP 就变成羽毛球迷了。在这几年里,JP 学会了不少羽毛球知识,和打了不少精彩的比赛。虽然JP 现在已经算打得不错,但是他还是想继续加强自己,打球打得更加好。

现在 JP 每个星期都去打几次羽毛球。JP 大部分的时候都打双打。他最喜欢和他的儿子 TJ 一起打球。除了打比赛之外,JP 还花不少时间练球和看羽毛球录像带。JP 是 2005 年才开始写羽毛球文章。他写作的目的是想和网上的羽毛球迷沟通,谈论,和交换一些知识。

JP is the main author of this blog. He is a licensed badminton coach, certified by the Coaches Association of British Columbia. JP first encountered badminton when he was in high school, where he played singles. Being a scrawny little kid back then and with other more prominent athletic talents, JP abandoned badminton for the time being and went on to pursue excellence in other sports. It is not until he became a middle-aged guy when he “truly” started to badminton. A friend of JP’s, another badminton fan, introduced JP to a group of people who play badminton with each other regularly, and that’s how it all started. Over the years, JP has played many memorable matches, gained skills and experience, and learned to truly love the game. Even though JP has become pretty skilled in the game of badminton, he still strives to improve himself.

Nowadays JP plays badminton several times a week, usually in local community centres. He plays doubles most of the time, and enjoys teaming up with his son, TJ, who shows up some of the time, to play against people. When JP is not playing badminton, he tries to improve his knowledge and understanding of the sport by watching videos of high level competitions, training with weights, and playing around with his racket. JP started to write articles regarding badminton 2005. His goal is to compile and share his experiences with other players and learn even more from discussing with other players.


TJ 是 JP 的儿子,而也是这网站的设计师和管理员。TJ 没有像他爸爸那么爱好羽毛球,不过他觉得羽毛球也算挺好玩,所以有时候也跟着去打球。TJ 没 JP 打球打得那么好,不过他觉得自己也算还不错的了。TJ 的爱好包括画画,看小说,和网页设计。TJ 另外还设计了几个网站。TJ 在他自己的网站那里有另一篇简介。

TJ is JP’s son, and the administrator/designer of this website. TJ is not a badminton “lover” like JP, but he thinks that badminton is fairly fun and is a good way to get some exercise, so he goes along to play some of the time. TJ is not quite as good a player as his father, but he still considers himself to be a fairly good player. TJ’s other hobbies include playing drawing, reading sci-fi novels and, of course, web design. This is not the only site that TJ is administering. He has several other sites under his possession as well. Here is an even more in depth profile of TJ, hosted on his own website.