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Another Two Rackets Bite the Dust

Recently JP broke two of his rackets while playing/coaching badminton. Since JP plays and coaches quite often, breaking a few rackets is not a surprise. Both of the rackets, the Dasha 002 and the Beite BT-212, broke at the joint between the grip and the shaft while JP was attempting a hard shot. The Dasha snapped in half. The Beite remained in one piece, but the damaged joint meant the racket was done.

Broken Dasha 002

Dasha 002 broken into two pieces.

Broken Dasha 002 zoomed in

A close up shot of the break on the Dasha. The whole racket snapped.

Broken Beite BT-212

The BT-212 also suffered a break at the handle-shaft joint.

Broken Beite BT-212 zoomed in

Close-up of the BT-212 break. The racket is still in one piece, but the joint is clearly damaged.

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