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Hi JP.

When I was younger, I played badminton on fairly high level – and for a short while, I had what I considered my all-time favorite racquet – the TechnoPro TI 1700 PowerPoint – unfortunatly it collided with another racquet and broke :-S

After a long break, I am starting playing again, and thus, I’m looking into buying a new racquet – but alas, I cannot find anywhere to but TechnoPro – where did you get yours?

Do you have any information on their different models, and where to buy them?

Best regards,
Christian Sonne


Hi, Christian,

Nice to receive your email. As your mentioned, the TechnoPro TI 1700 PowerPoint was your favor brand of badminton racket. It once was my favor brand, too. The same thing happened to my TI 1700 PowerPoint racket two years ago after it had been hit numerous times by the different partners’ racquets. But, fortunately,  my son’s TI 1700 racquet is still keeping brand new because he didn’t use it after I bought it for him. He just always uses his TechnoPro Ti 800 racket even it was not as good as Ti 1700 PowerPoint.

So far,  the TechnoPro TI 1700 PowerPoint  is not available in my home town – the city of Vancouver. If you want to find it again, I suggest you to surf its website and try to do shopping on line. Wish you a good luck.


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