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Badminton for the New School Year, but Lost My Racket

A new school year has started, and one thing that means is that the school badminton club has started again. I haven’t played in the summer and I was eager to get back to the game. This year the club officers did a pretty good job spreading word about the club, and a lot of people showed up in the first few outings. Many are beginners, but there were some decent and even advanced new players as well.

The club practices have been fun, but today after playing I discover that my racket holder was missing along with the backup racket that was inside the bag. I couldn’t find it in the gym so someone must have took it. My other valuables were still there, so hopefully it was someone taking the holder by mistake. I’m not even sure which racket I have as my backup and it probably isn’t one of those expensive Yonex racket my dad has, but I still rather have my bag and racket. Hopefully I can get them back. And next time I’ll keep a better eye on my stuff.

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