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Eight Straight Games

Once again, I have not posted on this blog for a long, long time. The last time I wrote a post here was November of last year, so it has been almost a year since I wrote anything here. The fact that I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean that I haven’t been playing badminton. I played fairly regularly through the fall semester of 2010, but not too much in the spring or summer semesters. Now that the fall has come around again and that I have a car, I’ve been playing at the university badminton club roughly once per week. The club runs three sessions per week, but I only play on weekends because the weekday sessions are too late into the night for my liking.

Last weekend was quite a fun session. Only 13-14 people showed up and we had three courts, so basically we played non-stop. I spent the whole session partnered with the same guy against the same opponents, and we played eight straight games without much of a break between games. My team won the first seven games, but all of the games were pretty close, and hence our opponents wanted rematch after rematch. After winning the first four games, our opponents finally had the advantage in the fifth game. They were looking to put the game away after obtaining a 20-12 lead, but much to their shock our team scored 10 straight points to win the game 22-20. That was probably the biggest comeback victory that I have had in my badminton career, and it’s likely one of the biggest collapses in my opponents’ careers.

After winning the 7th game I was tired and was about to leave, but my opponents stopped me for one last game. The 8th game was closely contested just like the game before. Our team held a slight advantage until the end when my lack of stamina finally caught up and I put a few shots out of bounds. Those mistakes allowed our opponents to finally earn a hard fought 22-20 victory. Now that my opponents are no longer winless, I was finally allowed to leave.

Overall, the series of 8 games was quite fun but very tiring. I am actually quite happy that I lasted for seven and a half games, and it looks like my exercise routine over the past year has paid off. On the downside though, my right shoulder hurts and has been hurting for a couple of days.

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